Standout Presentation Tips – That Mean Business

It’s show time.
You’ve spent weeks preparing your presentation.
Now it’s time to stand and deliver.

Your next 20 minutes could mean a million dollar difference – to your brand, your strategy or your plan of action. As a result, the stakes can be high, but by keeping the following tips in mind you can make your presentation impactful and memorable… for all the right reasons.

Organization Tips
• Remember the old marketing axiom: tell ‘em what you’re going to tell ‘em, tell ‘em, and then
tell ‘em what you told ‘em. Repetition helps retention.
• Know the focus of your presentation – is it motivation or education? For plenaries, stay
top-line. Breakouts are for details.
• Know where you fit in the big picture – who is presenting before and after you – good presentations build upon each other.
• Less is more – if you have 20 minutes on the agenda, develop content for 15. This will sharpen your message, plus give you time for audience interaction – and to breathe!
• You are more important than your slides. Let’s say that again: you are more important than your slides. Tell your story and let the slides support what you say, not the other way around.

Delivery Tips
• Preparation is key – know your material, but don’t over rehearse or the magic will be lost. The audience wants to see your passion and feel your energy.
• Tell a story, give a personal anecdote or share an example. Audiences connect with presenters when they show their personality and make it relevant.
• Work the stage and if possible ditch the podium and engage your audience.
• Know your audience – what do they want to hear, and what do they need to hear?

A Final Tip
Breathe calmly and have fun! This is your moment to shine.