3D Imaging and Your Next Event

At LOFT we’re always on the lookout for new experiences to bring our events to the next level.

When it comes to capturing those moments, our team members Natalie and Chantal had an opportunity to try out a unique product by our friends at MY3D Agency.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, than the guys at MY3D agency are spouting off sonnets with their photo-realistic 3D printers. We sent Natalie to their offices for a chance to experience what it was like to get scanned, and come face-to-face with a tiny version of herself at seven months pregnant.

With ever the eye for detail and her usual creative flare, Natalie had a new challenge for the experts at MY3D – not only to capture her pregnant figure, but in a new position they hadn’t printed before – cross-legged!

Natalie was seated on a rotating platform – which helps elevate the model to capture more angles, and allows for the model to hold a position more easily when being scanned. Looking like a vase on a pottery wheel, Natalie was going for a spin!


After about four minutes of slow rotation, the scan was complete. However the data looked a bit more jumbled than a photograph. All points of reference were merged into one, squiggly, Natalie-mess. This is where the hard part began. Off to an artist to be digitally compiled, touched up and knit back together into a proper shape. (We asked the guys at MY3D about any Photoshop touch-ups and yes this is the stage where they can remove any blemishes or give your hairdo a bit of a spruce-up!) Anything the scanner may have missed gets meticulously smoothed out by their artist and you look like the best, most realistic version of yourself.

Nat2 croppedNext the carefully constructed 3D scan is ready to print – in many precise layers ( about an inch an hour!) and the mini-Natalie emerges. True to life, this 3D printer not only captures shapes, but the true colour of her hair, skin and clothes! It was amazing to see that every fold in clothing and even her hairdo was captured in minute detail.

What an amazing and unique way to capture the moment – of an expectant mother, or of an icon, or even of your next event! The possibilities are endless – when the technology can come to you, what can stop you from scanning your excited and motivated team?



Want to learn more about 3D printing. Visit our friends at http://www.my3dagency.com/