How to Stay Fit While Travelling for Business

businessman with dumbbell

Just because you’re hitting road for business doesn’t mean you can’t hit gym or grab a meal that will hit the spot. Here’s our plan on how we’re going to keep fit while jetsetting.


Take the Trainer with You

Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you can’t get the one-on-one motivation of a personal trainer (so long as you have wifi access!) The fantastic and fit YouTube fitness trainers at FitnessBlender have developed hundreds of hours of guided workouts. Specify the equipment (or lack thereof), duration and intensity of the activity and there’s a YouTube video for you! There are even guided tutorials for workouts in small spaces, quiet workouts for hotel rooms, and routines which require no equipment. Shy about doing jump-squats when bunking with a co-worker? Every hotel with a conference center attached is sure to have a gym. Even if you’ve forgotten to pack your runners, some hotel chains like Fairmont and Westin have programs which allow guests to borrow workout gear for a small fee.

Skip the Taxi, Pack Flats

Not always an option in the winter months, why not combine sightseeing and commuting? Instead of hopping into a taxi for nearby meetings or restaurant rendezvous’ opt for a walk. It will not only give you an opportunity to see a bit of the new location you’re visiting, but will give you a chance to burn a few calories and work off your morning muffin. Not leaving the hotel for the entire week? Make the elevator a forbidden zone and use the stairs as your personal gym. Use this to motivate you to keep moving while you’re at the airport as well – why sit for hours at the gate waiting for a seat on the plane? Get up, stroll or stretch, and increase your activity level before long periods of immobility.

Be Mindful of Your Meals

Maintaining a healthy diet when the catered breakfast keeps tempting you with trays of bacon can be difficult. However, pre-packing some healthy snacks so you’re not tempted by airport food courts will keep spontaneous bingeing at bay. Pack an empty reusable water bottle in your carryon and fill up after you’re through security. Avoid missing out on your 8-glasses a day – often times you’re actually dehydrated by travel and not hungry. Make dietary requirements known to your event team – hotel catering can be incredibly accommodating! Offsite meetings at restaurants also allow you to look up menus ahead of time and to plan your meals and help avoid temptation.

Regardless of where you’re off to on your next business trip – make one of your meeting’s objectives to make your health and fitness a priority. And maybe save the bacon for your cheat day.