App-y New Year

Happy new year message.
Be it sticking to a new health regime, learning a new language or quitting a bad habit, now’s the time to wipe the slate clean and take a charge of your 2016. According to the Huffington Post, over 68% of Canadians will make a New Year’s Resolution this year, however by the 1-month mark, 52% of us will have already abandoned our goals. The figures get much better if you have some help at your fingertips. Here are the top apps to help you keep your resolve from January to December.


New Year’s Resolution: Get Organized
This nifty app helps you get the most productivity squeezed into a 24 hour period. Helping you organize your to-do-list it links with your desktop or Gmail calendar. Reminders are sent to your email or by text to keep you on track throughout the day. Achieve more by breaking big tasks into smaller sub-tasks. This app can even help you delegate jobs to your whole squad – with shared goals and collaboration options available.

New Year’s Resolution: Quit a Bad Habit
This genius app helps break bad habits with visualization and motivation. Be it Netflix binging, quitting smoking, or dining out too often, this app is designed to motivate by giving a visual of how long it has been since you last indulged and how much money you have saved as a result. The financial savings is only part of the motivation, users can add photos to encourage and share their progress on social networking sites.

New Year’s Resolution:  Weight Loss
This app has become a hugely popular tool for anyone motivated to lose weight. By allowing you to log your daily diet and track your exercise goals. The database of foods includes over 5-million entries including everything from raw ingredients, to the calorie content of dishes from big chain and mom-and-pop restaurants in your neighbourhood. Now you can track that Timbit pick-me-up to the meatball sub at California Sandwiches. The app also includes a pedometer which can be connected to your Fitbit or Jawbone and tracks calories burnt in real-time.

New Year’s Resolution:  Learn a New Language
Save your credit cards from expensive language tapes, and start immersing yourself in a new language with 5 minute mobile games. Ridiculously easy to use, and with goals, trophies and levels to unlock – this app is more Angry Birds than Rosetta Stone. Use the app for a 7-day stretch or get perfect pronunciation during your lesson and you can unlock fun avatars or language lessons on slang and curse words or pickup lines. It’s so much fun, that achieving new levels can get addictive, all the while teaching you to parler a new langue.

No matter what the goal, or the app, it’s making that first promise to yourself that will make the difference. Individuals who explicitly make goals are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who don’t make a specific resolution. So set a goal, download an app and have yourself a happy and purposeful New Year!