Must-Have Event Gifts

More than just a way to say ‘thank you’ to your team and colleagues, a well thought out gift can be a way to emphasize the theme and message of your meeting. A gift can be a tangible acknowledgement of appreciation and make an impression on your employees’ performance and loyalty. But done without thought, your receiver may feel undervalued.

Here are a few things to ponder when planning your next thoughtful and useful corporate gift..


The Art of the Add-On:

One way to guarantee a successful gift is to compliment something your giftee is already interested in, or owns. Rather than doubling up on popular items or products they use daily, gift complimentary accessories. For example, if you know everyone on your sales team has an iPhone, why gift an iPhone accessory such as a Livescribe Pen or an attachable lens like the Optrix ExoLens?

Rethink Branding:

It’s a tired trope of the conference gift, but no matter how nicely embossed the logo, no one is going to treasure that branded mug. At best, it will be relegated to the back cupboard of the office coffee station where it will do nothing to keep the memory of your meeting. If you are going to use a company logo on your gift, make sure it’s tasteful and understated. Instead of a mug, try a personalized bento box, thermos or tea infuser.

Double-Duty Décor:

There’s nothing to say that you can’t use part of your corporate give-aways as part of the décor to help add a pop of colour and brand a bland boardroom. Everyday essentials like bright branded pens and sticky notes can add a pop of colour to the décor, and can be taken home by attendees after the event.

Travel Concerns:

Before selecting your gift, take into account your destination. If your guests are travelling a long way, will they have space in their luggage for your gift? Make sure the items aren’t too large to fit in a suitcase, are restricted baggage items, or are red flags with airport security. If your gift is larger than a phonebook, consider separate shipping options or make the gifts available to your guests upon return home. I love a great bottle of wine, especially from the location I’ve just visited, but, if the majority of your attendees are traveling with carry-on luggage and your gift is a bottle of wine, attendee options are either to try to drink the bottle before the end of your meeting, or paying to check their bag on the way home. Why not consider local chocolates or treats, or a memento themed to your destination like sunglasses for sunny spots, or branded knit mittens in chilly destinations?

Be mindful of gifts when going over the border – costly gifts may have to be claimed by your guests when returning home and duties may be incurred.

Here are three of our favorite gifts for 2015:

Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer – A fun way to print direct from your smartphone or tablet.

FitBit Surge – Wearable tech is all the rage, and the newest from the FitBit line does double-duty as a watch and fitness tracker.

Or consider a subscription service instead of an immediate physical gift. It will be a monthly reminder to keep you and your event top of mind for months to come.

With these tips in mind, your next corporate gift with be sure to be a hit!