Ways to Go Green at Your Next Meeting:

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Here at LOFT we’re a big fan of green. Hosting an eco-friendly meeting is a great way to demonstrate the values of your business. By taking steps to have a sustainable meeting it shows that your team and organization are mindful of the impact on the environment and ready to take action.

Here are a few tips on how to host an eco-friendly meeting:

Do your research when selecting suppliers and venues. Many companies are now adopting green practices and incentives! By choosing a caterer who uses local, seasonal ingredients, or staying at a hotel that practices energy conservation, you’re making a sustainable choice. Even something a small as replacing paper cups and bottled waters with glassware and pitchers of water adds up. One great resource for finding an environmentally conscious venue is Green Key Global, an eco-rating program that recognizes green hotels and resorts.

Choose a central, public transit accessible location for your meeting to limit your transportation needs. If transportation isn’t provided, encourage attendees to carpool or utilize public transport instead of driving. When planning offsite evening events, search for a restaurant or location within walking distance from the main meeting venue – a strategy that not only saves on transport costs, but also gets participants up and moving.

Reduce your paper usage by sending web-based invites, registration and RSVPs whenever possible. When a printed document is needed, try to double-side collateral and meeting materials and whenever possible use recycled paper. Or if you’re really keen, try going entirely paperless at your next event! As we’re all tethered to a smart-device, create a meeting app for all key information such as agendas and maps. Creating a digital meeting workbook in the form of a writable PDF what will not only allow your attendees to follow along with presentations, but also take notes. This small change not only supports saving the planet, but reducing paper and printing costs can lead to administrative cost savings.

With these simple first steps, you can support an environmental initiative and know your next meeting is a green one! The more sustainable events and meetings that are held, the more the demand for environmental facilities and products will increase, driving new industries and expectations of businesses.