Words from the Masters

A career is a lifelong learning opportunity. Our Account Directors at LOFT have spent their careers developing and learning from their successes, coworkers and clients. With their expertise, they can help refine a message, develop an inspiring campaign, or craft a kick-ass party. With nearly 60 years of combined experience behind them, here are some of their top tips, tricks and advice for planning your next meeting:

TRISH final

Q: What is the one thing every project should start off with?


“Everything starts with a proper brief – with objectives, timelines, audience and budget clearly defined. That, and trust: have some faith and let go. We’ve got your best interest at heart and are here to make you look good.”

Q: What makes a great brief from a client?Kevin


“When briefing your agency know what your budget is and share this number and/or a range up front.  This is NOT a bad thing.  It’s not that we will find ways to spend every dollar but that we will develop solutions that are within the scope/range of what you can afford.  It’s a waste of everyone’s time to develop creative/ideas that are way out of scope – even if the budget is limited there are always ways to inject some creativity.”

Q: How can you guarantee a seamless and successful experience for all of your guests?

NATALIE final_smallNatalie:

“Visualize the entire experience in advance from start to finish ensuring that every touch point for each guest has been covered so they are free to enjoy themselves or focus on their presentations at hand. Once onsite, you are also free to handle the inevitable snafu.

Team empowerment throughout the planning process and execution encourages everyone to reach the same goal with the same passion as you do and provide high touch, detailed service.

And document everything. Should you hand off your program binder to another event producer they should be able to hit the ground running, no questions asked.”